An Experimental Festival of Words Hits Canberra

    Noted is Canberra's first ever experimental festival of words. An offshoot of You Are Here, Noted will have its inaugural year 20-22 March this year.

    This will be a chance for writers, readers, publishers, the undefined and the interested to participate in the rejigging of the writers festival format. Encompassing a literary bar hop, multi-art collaborations, online interactions, unpredictable live events and formative workshops, Noted will be the reason you put down your books, pens and devices and the reason you pick them back up again.

    Come and get Noted.

    Find the program here.



Events & Workshops

David Stavenger Page + Stage with David Stavenger

5pm–9pm Friday 17 April

What happens when you keep writing a poem beyond the limits of the screen? This spoken word & poetry writing workshop will help you in developing your own strange poetic voice, and may even open the cage door a little wider.

David Stavanger—aka Ghostboy—is the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde of Australian poetry. His poetry has been published in various Australian and international magazines, newspapers and anthologies.

George Dunford

Writing for the Web with George Dunford

10am–4pm Saturday18 April

In this full-day masterclass you'll go beyond the buzzwords to understand how your writing can become web content—findable, amplified across social media and different devices, and effective online.

George Dunford has been working on web content for over 10 years for Lonely Planet, ABC, Yahoo!7 and The Wheeler Centre. He’s taught online writing for RMIT University, CAE and Writers Victoria.

Valerie Parv How to Audition Your Characters with Valerie Parv

10am–4pm Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 May

You'll discover how to treat your story people as lead actors in your production. It will introduce you to the 12 guideposts studied by actors as a way to bring depth and meaning to a role, despite having only a few minutes to impress a producer.

Valerie Parv, recipient of the Australian Society of Authors MEDAL 2014-2015, has published 86 books including nonfiction, selling more than 30 million copies in 26 languages. In recent years she has ventured into science fiction romance with her Beacons series of ebooks published by Corvallis Press, USA.

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